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Greetins friend! My name is Pekka Keskinen. I'm an enthusiastic and hard working graphic designer from Helsinki, specialising in nice UI-graphics and web design. I like pixel perfect graphics and sweet eye-candy. I'm also a bit of a film photography geek and an avid blogger.

Great news! My next photo exhibition is going to open this summer, August 15th 2018, at Galleria Monami in Helsinki. Come on out!

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Museokortti web design
Rovio web design
Single Product
Nettivuokraus web design
Movie Player
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Campaign graphics for Veikkaus
Filmshop IV
Zero Keyboard backend
Pizza Joint app UI design
Antique Cameras
Light meter app design
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Epic holiday layout design
Logo design
Camera store graphic design
eCommerce graphic design
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Street Corner of Helsinki
Ella's Letter
Lapland wilderness II
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Enlightened Florist
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Lapland wilderness I
The Arctic Ocean
Summer in Helsinki
Ocean paddling
Misty mountains
Hiking trail to Halti
Urtal Hotel
Käsivarsi wilderness area

About me

My name is Pekka Keskinen. I am a Helsinki based visual creative, which a trendy word for a mutant who's into eveything between color crayons and web design. I have a very good education in visual communications, a lot of work experience and a background in traditional art as well. In a nutshell, here's what I do...

Graphic design & visual concepting

My speciality is graphic design for websites and online communication in general. I firmly believe in strong concepts and pixel perfect graphics. I love well designed layouts that have solid ideas behind them.

UI/UX Design

User experience (UX) is close to my heart, especially from the visual stand point. Figuring out how things work (apps, online services etc.) and how to translate them to an intuitive and pleasing interface is very rewarding.

Digital Graphics

I’ve been an avid Photoshop user since an early age. It has been my main tool for design work and other graphic works as well. I believe in rich and detailed graphics, that can be utilised in marketing communications and visual communications.


I’m an independent documentary photographer, focusing on traditional 35mm black and white photography. I take candid, documentary photos using only the available light. I develop my own negatives and make my own prints. I love straight photography and avoid post processing, relying on in-camera techniques.

Photography Journalism

A big part of my photography revolves around educating and spreading awareness of photography fundamentals, especially from the film photography perspective. I write articles about photography by contributing to couple of blogs and I also run my own blog at

Photo Exhibitions

My current photo exhibition called “Timeless Helsinki” is running from 15.11.2017 — 15.2.2018 at Galleria Monami in Helsinki. It features candid street photography work shot in 2017. The exhibition is a part of Suomi 100 official festivities.

My upcoming “Arctic Ocean” exhibition will running from 15.8. — 15.10.2018.


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