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Greetings friends! My name is Pekka Keskinen. I'm a web & graphic designer from Helsinki. Get in touch if you're looking for a designer for you project — I'm always available for freelance gigs. I'm also an avid photographer, specialising on traditional 35mm film photograhy and street photography.

My first photo exhibit called "Timeless Helsinki" is open until Jan 15th 2018 at Galleria Monami, Helsinki. Come on out!

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Museokortti web design
Pizza Joint app UI design
Logo design
vCard design
Saint-Julien layout design
Epic holiday layout design
Film shop graphic design
Camera store graphic design
eCommerce graphic design
Logo design
Korpiklaani logo design
Korpiklaani CD-covers
Nettivuokraus web design
eCommerce graphic design
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Black & white film photography
Lapland wilderness I
Lapland wilderness II
The Arctic Ocean
Summer in Helsinki
Ocean paddling
Misty mountains
Hiking trail to Halti
Urtal Hotel
Käsivarsi wilderness area

About me

My name is Pekka Keskinen. I am a Helsinki based visual creative, which a trendy word for a mutant who's into eveything between color crayons and web design.

Graphic design

I'm a professional graphic designer, meaning I have 10+ years of actual experience and two degrees. I enjoy web design (layouts etc) and identity/branding stuff. I'm very good at making things with my Photoshop and Wacom. I'm a perfectionist with very high standards. Pixel perfect or death!


I shoot mostly 35mm black & white film. I love street photography and classic documentary style. I take non-posed, candid photos using only natural/available light. I develop my own negatives. I avoid post processing and rely on in-camera techniques.

Web design

I build simple but nice looking websites. I like sites that have a strong focus in graphic design and usability. I don't prefer complicated sites and I truly hate WordPress (for any other purpose than blogging). What I lack in coding skills, I make up in cool graphics.


I use Photoshop for everything. In addition to my design work, I use it to create illustrations and artwork. I've been a huge fan of digital painting for years. Occasionally I incorporate digital paintings to my designs. I especially enjoy 1950's inspired pin-up and other retro themes.


I write mostly about photography and art theory in finnish and in english. I run my own 35mm photography oriented blog and produce content to other blogs as well. Copy is also near and dear to my heart. I enjoy text that is educating, fun and contain dirty words.


2017 Anno Domini, I decided to start exhibiting my artwork to the public. My first photo exhibition called Timeless Helsinki is running at the moment in Galleria Monami in Helsinki. It'll be open until Jan 15th 2018. I have other similar photo projects planned for 2018. Exhibition details TBA.


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Got a question or an inquiry? Drop me a line and I'll get back to you asap. I'm happy to answer if you're interested in availability, pricing or anything else.

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